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July 5th, 2012

The Concierge Listing is proud to welcome our newest member. Golden Gate Well Drilling and Eco Water.

Golden Gate Well Drilling/Ecowater Naples delivers complete and reliable water solutions to homeowners and commercial properties in Southwest Florida. For over 30 years, we’ve installed and serviced the best & most dependable water systems. Our team of experienced technicians & professionals are qualified & guided to exceed your expectations.

When you choose Ecowater, your investment includes the highest quality water equipment and a team of experienced water specialists, certified by the Florida Water Quality Association. With Ecowater systems, we don’t just treat your water, we purify it. We’ll supply you with bottled water quality, straight from your tap.

Golden Gate Well Drilling Eco Water


April 21st, 2012


Wow who has not heard of COLONIAL ROOFING.

I am very proud to announce that Colonial Roofing is now apart of the Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge listing and Networking Group.

Colonial roofing is one of the few roofing companies in Florida that offers all of there clients experienced supervision, quality applications, and unparalleled commitment to customer service.They are certified by many roofing materials manufacturers to offer full value warranties on the roofing systems that we install. Additionally, they are proud to be the exclusive roofing contractor for numerous property managers and condominium associations.

Colonial Roofing is a constantly evolving and progressive-minded roofing contractor always looking toward the future. In an ever-changing marketplace, Colonial Roofing stands out as a pillar of strength and consistency in the community and for there customers. Colonial roofing looks forward to serving your commercial and residential roofing needs!

Colonial Roofing was founded in Lee County in 1978. Glenn Bailey,there current CEO, went to work as a supervisor for the company’s founder Ken Long, back in the late 1980’s. Glenn worked his way up through management, into partial ownership, and in 1992 purchased the company from Ken Long. Colonial Roofing has continued to thrive as an area leader in single family and condominium re-roof and repair for over 34 years. Headed by a customer focused management team and 6 full time sales/estimators in the field, Colonial Roofing is able to handle all types of roofing needs. They have installed thousands of tile, metal, shingle, and flat roofs over the years, as well as repairs on all of these roof types. They are still based in Lee County, with an additional office in Sarasota. Our current market spans from Marco Island all the way to the St. Pete/Tampa area, and even into the Florida Keys as needed.

Stay tuned for Colonial Roofing’s own blog corner called THE ROOFER’S CORNER they will be located in the INSPECTOR’S CORNER blog at Jacob Mermin Inspections. Colonial Roofing personnel will be posting informative blog posting covering many different topics concerning the roofing industry. You can also visit Colonial Roofing’s own blog on their website at <a href=” “>
Colonial Roofing
Craig Beckner

Colonial roofing
5601 2nd Street West
Lehigh Acres, FL 33971
Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota


April 21st, 2012


At this time I would like to announce that JV BUGGS is now a member of the JMI Concierge Listing and Networking Group.

I have been working with JV BUGGS Florida’s Finest Inc. for several years now, so when I approached Joe and Vince with the Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge Listing and Networking Group Joe’s first words were “How do we sign up.”

JV BUGGS is a family owned company run by Father and Son Joe and Vince. They are a full service termite and pest control company located in North Ft. Myers, Fl. JV BUGGS has been servicing the entire SW Florida area for more than six years. Joe who is the driving force of the company has more than 20 years experience with son Vince learning the business from the ground up. Apparently Joe has taught Vince well because I have been very impressed with him while working with my inspection clients.

JV BUGGS does both residential and commercial properties while extending wholesale pricing to all their clients. Per Joe, JV BUGGS is a customer service orientated business with a majority of their business coming from repeat customers and word of mouth referrals. I sure can relate to that at Jacob Mermin Inspections. Vince says “we provide service when and where you want it, and our motto is you say, we spray.”

Services provided:
WDO inspection certificates
No Tent Termite Treatments
Termite Monitoring and Preventive Services
Termite Inspections…(complete with certificate)
Safe and Effective Indoor Pest Control
Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control and Fertilizer
Perimeter Pest Control- Creating a barrier out side of the
home to keep bugs from coming in.

Everyone at JV BUGGS is looking forward to working for you.
Call JV BUGGS and enjoy Florida’s Finest Pest Control Company
JV BUGGS Florida’s Finest, Inc.

Stay tuned for THE BUGG MAN’S CORNER….for interesting blog posts about BUGS at the Inspector’s Corner Blog Page at


April 8th, 2012

Cost Vs. Value- What can you get with a new garage door?

Are you trying or thinking of selling your home? If so you might be in the stage of making a few improvements, I’m sure you know that a new garage door can help increase a homes’ protection, but it can also increase the value of a home. In addition to that, a 2010 report from Remodelers Magazine estimated that a homeowner would get back 92% of the garage door cost at time of sale, the second highest return on projects under $5,000. This percent is based off of midrange projects (ave. cost of $1,178) in the South Atlantic region. More upscale projects (ave. cost of $3,445) can expect a 75% return on investment. If you door is 10-12 years old, or older, it’s a great idea to replace it before putting your home on the market. Building codes do change every few years so having the most up to date equipment on your home will be more enticing to potential buyers. Nearly all of our doors are impact rated too so that’s one step closer to an insurance deduction for you or the new owners of your home.

There are so many styles of doors out there right now that a higher end replacement could really make your home stand out and get noticed. On the flip side a stylized door may not appeal to everyone and may narrow down your prospective offers. We suggest having a chat with your real estate agent to help decide what the best look would be to draw in the offers you want.

Other Options
We have other options to spruce up your garage for the real estate market even if you decide you don’t need to buy a whole new door. Options like increasing your garages access, storage space, or aesthetic appeal are all available. All options mentioned below are on view in our showrooms so you can see them in person before you buy!
Often times just adding a new opener can help increase the potential offers on your home. This can be an easy fix at $299.99 or you can leave your home with all the bells and whistles with a whisper quiet belt drive opener. The latest model of LiftMaster openers (model 8550) can even connect to the internet so you can control and monitor your garage or even house lights through a Smart Phone app or Internet connection.
Although it’s nearly the price of a new garage door a Breezy Living Screen System can give a new way to access your garage and make it into an extension of your home’s living space. Check out the video on our website for a visual demonstration.

Think about having one of our qualified technicians install an EZ-Rack Hanging Storage Shelf to help add space to your garage. These units start at $246 installed and come in your choice of three sizes. Add on hooks and ladder racks build the storage potential of your garage or install It yourself to save some money.

Cleaning the outside of your door is an easy and affordable fix. You can also paint the doors exterior if you desire. Or you can totally change its look with some window overlays. Made to look like actual windows the overlays screw into your existing top panel for a beautiful illusion. Pick them up and do it yourself for $275/two overlays, or have us come out and install them for you.
There are so many things to think about when you’re selling your home but the first thing buyers see is the exterior and most likely your garage door. With all the ways you can update and invigorate your garage space we’re sure to have something that can help you.
Take Care,
Lisa Ebel
Marketing Manager
Action Automatic Door & Gate


March 18th, 2012


Jacob Mermin Inspections meet many different business owners every day that have seen the Concierge Listing and Networking Group and want to join. We are very particular about who we let into this very exclusive club. When I met John O’Toole and John Low of JOHN O’TOOLE, INC. I was very impressed with both of them. They are a major high end home builder in the area for more than 20 years. you will see examples of their great work in the area. . Besides custom luxury homes JOHN O’TOOLE INC. all interior and exterior remodeling. The also have many years of experience in all types of commercial construction and remodeling.

JOHN O’TOOLE INC. uses LPS which stands for Line Item Pricing Structure. With this process you will know where every penny of your hard earned money is being spent.

We are very proud to recommend all of our clients to JOHN O’TOOLE INC. for all their major remodels or to build their new dream house.

John O’Toole
John Low
Certified Building Contractor

THE MaidPro CORNER: From Becky Brooks

February 18th, 2012


Over the course of 21 years in business, we have had many customers tell us that MaidPro saved their relationships. (And here we were thinking we are just a home cleaning business!) In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we explored the concept a little further and uncovered five ways in which a regular home cleaning service improves relationships.

More time to pursue personal passions.

Love to golf? Fish? Hike? Camp? Ski? Shop ’til you drop? When your personal passions consume large chunks of time and your significant other doesn’t share the same passions, resentment around household chores can build up rapidly. Either your partner ends up doing too much or you end up sacrificing your passions, and no one is really happy. Outsourcing home cleaning enables both of you to enjoy the free time you might choose to spend apart.

More energy to focus on fitness and health.

How many times have you or your partner skipped exercising or failed to prepare a healthy meal because you had neither the time nor the energy left over? The eight to ten hours a week you gain by outsourcing home cleaning gives both partners more than enough time – and energy -to focus on physical fitness and staying healthy for the long haul as a couple.

Alleviate big gaps in ‘dirt tolerance’.

Different people have different tolerances for clutter, dust and dirt in their homes. When partners in a relationship differ greatly on how much mess or grime is tolerable, the person with the lower tolerance almost always ends up doing more (and resenting it). If your own dirt tolerance is significantly higher than your partner’s, investing in a home cleaning service may be just what the relationship doctor orders.

Protect and increase mutual wealth.

Even when partners in a relationship keep separate bank accounts, their homes – and the possessions within – are usually mutual investments. Regular home cleaning services protect the value of those mutual investments while freeing up time for heavier-duty maintenance, yard work, and the kinds of do-it-yourself home improvement projects that continue to build mutual wealth over time.

More (stress-free) time to focus on each other.

Even when partners are pretty good about splitting home cleaning chores evenly, most of the tasks get performed alone, so it’s time spent not focusing on each other. Even when they do spend time together, cleaning or other tasks left undone can serve as constant distractions or stressors that prevent partners from focusing completely on each other. Just imagine how your romance might blossom when – at least one evening each week – you can depend on coming home to a perfectly clean, distraction- and stress-free home in which to really enjoy your partner’s company!

This is a great blog post Becky…I can’t tell you how much this hits home to me. It just proves again that you are never too old to learn new things. Keep up the great work.
Jacob Mermin of Jacob Mermin inspections says,“I think if I implement some of these suggestions I may make a few brownie points with Mrs. Mermin.”

MaidPro of SWFL
Commercial & Residential Cleaning
2085 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, Fl. 34109


February 12th, 2012

Lisa Ebel of Action Automatic Door and Gate

All You Need to Know About Programming Your LiftMaster® Remotes
Hello from Action Automatic Door & Gate! One of the most common questions people ask us year round is how to program their remotes, keyless entry, and HomeLink® car buttons. Depending on what type of operator you have programming instructions vary, but it is generally an easy task. Below you will find programming instructions for the most common LiftMaster® remotes and keyless entries by using the operators “learn” button or your wall control panel.

LiftMaster® Operator with a “Learn” Button:
The “learn” button can be found on the operator wherever you see a wire antennae hanging down. Sometimes this button is located behind a plastic light cover. The button will be colored purple, red/orange, yellow, or green. If you have difficulty locating the “learn” button, you can also reference the garage door operator’s manual. With this method you will need a ladder to access your operators “learn” button; if that’s not a viable option for you, continuing reading to program using your wall control panel.

To program your remote follow these simple steps,
1. Push the “learn” button like a doorbell.
2. Then press and hold the remote button you wish to program until you see the operator’s bulb flash or hear two “clicks”.
3. Release the button on the remote and press it again to test. The door should move.

To program a keyless entry follow these steps,
1. Push the “learn” button like a doorbell.
2. Within 30 seconds enter a 4 digit code into your keypad.
3. Press and hold the enter button for 5 seconds until you see the operators bulb flash or hear two “clicks”.
4. Release the button. After the lights on the keypad stop blinking, test by entering the PIN and pressing ENTER. The door should move.
Be sure not to hold the “learn” button, this will erase all memory from your operator.

LiftMaster® Operator Wall Panel with Light and Lock Feature:
For your remote,
1. Press and hold the button you wish to use on your remote.
2. At the same time, press and hold the LIGHT button AND the large PUSH BUTTON on the Wall Panel. When programming is successful, the main lights on the motor will flash or two “clicks” will be heard.
3. Release all buttons and press the button on the remote to test. The door should move.

For your keyless,
1. Enter a four-digit PIN into the keypad then hold the ENTER button.
2. At the same time, press and hold the LIGHT button AND the large PUSH BUTTON on the Wall Panel. When programming is successful, the main lights on the motor will flash or two “clicks” will be heard.
3. Release all buttons. After the lights on the keypad stop blinking, test by entering the PIN and pressing ENTER. The door should move.

LiftMaster® Operator Wall Panel with Digital Time/Temperature Display:
For your remote,
1. Press the PROG button on the side of the Panel. The display will read “LEARN REMOTE CONTROL”.
2. Press the PROG a second time to activate LEARN mode.
3. Press and hold the button you wish to use on your remote. When programming is successful, the main light(s) on the motor will flash or two “clicks” will be heard.
4. Release the button on the remote and press it again to test. The door should move.

For your keyless,
1. Press the PROG button on the side of the Panel. The display will read “LEARN REMOTE CONTROL”.
2. Press the PROG a second time to activate LEARN mode.
3. Enter a four-digit PIN into the keypad and then hold the ENTER button for five seconds. When programming is successful, the main light(s) on the motor will flash and or “clicks” will be heard.
4. Release the ENTER button. After the lights on the keypad stop blinking, test by entering the PIN and pressing ENTER. The door should move.

Programming Your Cars HomeLink® for your LiftMaster® Operator:
This programming requires that your car first learn the remote and then the operator. The remote you use must already be programmed to work with your operator.

1. Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold both the desired HomeLink® button and hand held transmitter button. DO NOT release until the HomeLink® indicator light flashes first slowly and then rapidly. When the indicator light flashes rapidly, both buttons may be released. (The rapid flashing indicates successful training.) This process may take up to 1 minute.
2. At the garage door operator in the garage, locate the “learn” button. Press and release the “learn” button.
3. Within 30 seconds, return to the vehicle and firmly press and hold the trained HomeLink® button for two seconds and release. The operator lights will blink indicating that training is successful.

Of course there are many brands of remotes and operators, if you need help programming another brand give us a call or bring your remote to one of our showrooms to speak with a specialist. Thanks for reading, check back for more maintenance tips and helpful tricks.

Jacob Mermin Inspections will be trying this really soon.

Lisa Ebel
Action Automatic Door & Gate;
Lee County: 239-768-3667
Collier County: 239-643-3667
Charlotte County: 941-627-9696


February 11th, 2012


THE INSURANCE MEGASTORE ll and Frank V. Bonsignore

Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge Listing and Networking Group would like to welcome a new member to the group. We are proud to announce that Frank V. Bonsignore and The Insurance Megastore ll is now a partner with everyone in our Concierge Listing and Networking Group.

The Insurance Megastore ll is located in Cape Coral, at 1716 Cape Coral Pkwy. E. Frank is a proud owner and principal agent of the Insurance Megastore ll since 2009. Frank has been in the area since 2004, a transplant from New Jersey. Frank and his wife Lori, both are recently proud parents of their first addition to their family. Between raising his family and growing his new business, Frank loves to attend many networking events and is an active member of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce.

Frank builds his business on loyalty and quality customer service. He likes to get back to the “take care of your customers and they will take care of you”. Jacob Mermin Inspections also works this way and is happy to welcome any business that has this philosophy. The Insurance Megastore ll is proud to offer fast, reliable and free quotes for Homeowners and auto insurance throughout the Cape Coral / Fort Myers and surrounding SW Florida area. The Insurance Megastore ll can get you quotes from the top insurance carriers in the business and will help you decide the policy that will best fit your needs. Our fast quotes, low rates, and quality customer service makes us stand out.

The Insurance Megastore ll is an Independent Agency, which means they can shop around with numerous insurance carriers to find you the perfect policy at the right price.

Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge Listing and Networking Group have already sent Frank several JMI home inspections clients with great success. Our home inspection clients have already reported back that Frank at the Insurance Megastore ll was very nice and professional and is helping them with their insurance needs. They report back that Frank is finding all the discounts possible to help them save on their new Home Owners Policy.

Contact the Insurance Megastore ll for your free insurance information and quote at 239-205-1500, or browse their website at for more information about their products and services. You will be able to just click on their logo and you will be taken directly to their home page. Their listing will be up in a few days. Also stay tuned to their personal Blog Corner on the JMI Blog “THE INSPECTOR’S CORNER called “THE INSURANCE CORNER” coming soon.
I am sure Frank Bonsignore will be posting great information on a regular basis.

The Insurance Megastore
Thank You

THE CONCIERGE CORNER: By Jacob Mermin flhi/flma/ie/cwmi

February 4th, 2012


Jacob Mermin Inspections is very excited to welcome UnderPressure Cleaning & Sealing Services to the Concierge Listing and Networking Group.
UnderPressure is owned by Peter Leblanc of Estero, Florida. Peter explained to me that he works in Collier and Lee County. Peter is married with an 8 year old daughter and a 3 year old boy. He told me that he coaches both tee ball and soccer with his kids.

When I first interviewed Peter Lablanc and decided I would start the vetting process to determine whether UnderPressure would be apart of the JMI Concierge Listing I was very impressed first of all with the passion he had for his trade. I soon realized that we had similar passion for our own companies and their customers. Like me he worked in his trade for many years before starting his own company, 12 years to be exact. He stands by all the work he performs and for more than two years his motto has been, “I will not finish the project until the homeowner is COMPLETELY SATISFIED.”

UnderPressure specializes in safe non-pressure roof cleaning that will retain the integrity of a roof instead of using pressure and losing valuable years to the life of a roof. Most of the roofs that they clean stay clean for well over two years, instead of about 8 months with a guy that pressure washes a roof. UnderPressure also uses a low pressure technique to clean the exterior of homes. They also clean driveways and seal them with a superior water-based sealant that will not leave cloudy or faded looking pavers. UnderPressure offers a Natural Luster finish or a Wet Look finish for the sealed driveways. Under Pressure is fully licensed and insured for 2 Million Dollars.

In Closing Peter Leblanc told me, “I am proud to belong to Jacob Mermin Inspection’s Concierge Listing and Networking Group.” “I hope that homeowners will take advantage of the professional businesses in our group, instead of wasting their hard earned money on a fly by night gypsy business. Jacob Mermin says, “I could not have said it better.”

Cleaning & Sealing Services

Jacob Mermin
Jacob Mermin Inspections


January 28th, 2012


Spring cleaning may still be months away, but it doesn’t hurt to keep your kid’s playroom clean during the winter season when bacteria and germs are more likely to spread.
Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro and busy mom on-the-go, specializes in helping other busy moms like you maintain a clean home in no time at little cost. Below, she shares four strategies for organizing and cleaning a playroom.
Disinfect the Toys – A toy must be completely disinfected for it to be clean. Soak the toys for 5 minutes in a solution of 3/4 cup bleach mixed in a gallon of water. Rinse and let dry. For large toys, use a disinfecting multipurpose spray cleaner and wipe them dry with a clean rag. One of Melissa’s favorite mommy time savers is making a large batch of bleach water in the bathtub to disinfect a large number of toys at once.
Give Each Toy a Home – Keeping things clean with kids is already hard enough in a cluttered, disorganized room. To keep things under control, use tubs, baskets, and shelves to place and store toys in a neat and compartmentalized way.
Keep Toys in Rotation – If you have too many toys to keep in one place, try rotating toys regularly (every few weeks or months). Keep a majority of toys stored away (e.g. basement, garage, storage closet, etc.), but leave out an interesting and varied mix to keep your little one entertained.
Enlist the Help of Professional Cleaners – Cleaning tasks should be divided and shared between both parents. If there isn’t time, make room in your budget for a professional cleaner to take care of deep scrub cleaning once a month. This way, you can spend less time maintaining the house the rest of the time so you can spend more time with the family.
Jacob Mermin Inspections is happy to have “THE MaidPro CORNER” apart of “THE INSPECTOR’S CORNER” blog.