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Windows of Opportunity

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

“IF A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY APPEARS……DON’T PULL DOWN THE SHADE.” Tom Peters. And last week, the Fed saw their regularly scheduled meeting as a window of opportunity to make a blockbuster announcement.

On Wednesday, the Fed announced that over the course of 2009, they will purchase an additional $750 Billion of Mortgage Backed Securities, as well as $300 Billion in long-term Treasuries, primarily to help shore up the housing market and keep home loan rates low. On the announcement, Bonds exploded higher, leaving Bond prices within whiskers of the best levels ever.

However, it’s important to understand that while their actions may keep a lid on rates moving higher, they may not cause them to move dramatically lower. Additionally, due to many understaffed lenders and investors currently working at maximum capacity, we could once again see that improvements in Bond pricing may not all be passed through to our rate sheets.

Another factor that could impact whether Bonds and rates see significant improvement ahead are concerns of future inflation – the arch enemy of Bonds and home loan rates – brought on by all the recent aggressive moves by the Fed. While we know there is little inflation at the present time, the chatter of future inflation could have a negative impact on Bonds and home loan rates, or at least stifle any improvements.

Although the media is already spinning it differently, this is not a time to stay on the fence, hoping and waiting for lower rates. Home loan rates remain within inches of all-time historic lows, but may not necessarily move significantly lower based on this purchasing plan – waiting is a very risky move.

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Chinese Drywall

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

I have been very busy with this Chinese Drywall problem. I have been doing a lot of inspections for folks very concerned about the home they are considering buying. I am waiting for the loose ends to be tied by a colleague of mine who is putting together a affordable testing program for SW Florida home owners. Now I don’t know how much it will cost or even what affordable means. I am waiting for this gentleman to get back from a conference in Orlando with the details. I do not want any client of my jumping into expensive yet more affordable testing for what is sulphur in there home. I would much prefer that for now my present and future clients spend $99.00 with me for a visual inspection first.

Along with being a InterNachi certified home inspector  your guy on the corner is also an EPA certified type ll air conditioning technician. This means I am allowed to open up your air conditioner to check if your coil has acquired that very distinctive flat black color. I think it is a good idea to move slowly. Remember knowledge is power. It’s best to collect information and make an informed decision. I am not one to tell people what to do. I do tell people do not buy an home without a home and mold inspection. Just to recap, my home inspection also comes with a mold, air quality, air conditioning, and now a Chinese Drywall inspection. Because I am certified in all these specialties you don’t have to go anywhere else. I do everything. One stop shop. I don’t like to tell people what to do, but I would never buy a house that someone showed me copper evaporator coils and copper wiring that has turned black.

Black evaporator coil

Black evaporator coil (disregard date)

I think we all know what copper looks like. Air conditioning coils have that new penny copper look. Once they start to get older there will be some corrosion and some greening of the coils.  As you can see from the picture there is some copper shinning through on one of the upper loops of the tubing. The reason that this is a problem is that this corrosion causes leaks in the copper tubing and freon is escaping thus no cooling in that SW. Florida home. This is an actual evaporator coil that I came accross in a community in Estero Florida  in March. If you are considering purchasing a home in SW. Florida that was built from 2004 through 2007 call me for a Chinese Drywall Inspection.

The Inspector says: “All my real estate freinds tell me and I agree, the SW. Florida real estate market is awsome.” There are plenty of homes and great prices why buy one that may have a Chinese Drywall problem.

Jacob Mermin CHI/CMI

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Building Relationships

Friday, March 20th, 2009

INSPECTORS PLUS REALTORS EQUAL GREAT BUSINESS…Jacob and I have been working together for over two years in the Real Estate market in SW Florida.  The relationship has done several things for my business.  The most obvious, my buyers have peace of mind before closing on a new home.  In Florida, a large number of our current sales involves short sales and foreclosures.  The biggest problem these houses face is mold.  Without an air conditioner, moisture is not pulled from the air and mold has the chance to take hold.  Jacob is also a mold inspector and has saved several of my customers of the heartache of this hidden problem.

Secondly, it also gives my listing customers peace of mind as we face this very competitive market.  Before I list a home, my customers have an inspection done.  How often has a deal fallen through because the buyer’s home inspector tells his customer about roof or air conditioning problems.  We head this off so any repairs or pricing adjustments can be done from the start.  No “surprises” just before closing.  I make a copy of the inspection report available to potential buyers.

Lastly, home sellers must make their house stand out from all the others.  A program Jacob and I use effectively is the “Move In Ready” program.  A sign is placed next to mine showing the house has already been inspected so a quicker close is possible.

Just my opinion, but anything that closes a deal faster is a win-win situation for all!

Mike Cathell, ePro Realtor at Florida Future Realty

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The inspector’s corner is now alive and well and living in Cape Coral Florida. I have been told that Cape Coral Florida is the Foreclosure capitol of the world. One of my main issues, what I tell everyone I meet is “Do not buy or sell a home without a Home and Mold Inspection.” Sometimes people get it and sometimes they don’t. One foreclosure buyer asked me, “If it is being sold as is, why do I need to have a home inspection?” Here is the most simple answer I can give you. Because, a certified home and mold inspector can tell you if the foreclosure is a money pit. There are so many foreclosures in this foreclosure capital of America, just go find another one. Why would you want to be caught up in  a money pit.

So this is your Welcome Aboard from the Inspector. In the Inspector’s Corner we are going to talk about things just like this. Your inspector in this corner is a certified home inspector, mold inspector, air quality inspector, and air conditioning technician and inspector. Anything and everything about these types of inspections will be discussed. Indoor air quality is my passion. I do all types of mold and air testing for clients all around SW. Florida. In a couple of weeks a colleague and I will be announcing a new affordable Chinese Drywall test  for homeowners. This information will be coming soon. Right now my inspection company Jacob Mermin Inspections is doing visual Chinese Drywall inspections. Just visit my website at and see the inspection available. It could be the best $99.00 you have ever spent. Realtors are recommending that clients have this done before you commit to purchase  a home from 2004 to 2006. Hey kids, there are plenty of homes for sale down here ,why buy one that was built with Chinese Drywall.

I plan on making this blog  a very important source of information.  My web cohorts are planning on having a U Tube screen so we can show you things you should know about. I plan on a regular post about the bad indoor air quality of restaurants called, “Never mind the air you’re breathing, what just fell in your food.” I think you will find the pictures very interesting and enlightening.

I plan on having regular contributions from Realtors, contractors, bug guys, water guys, lawn guys and anyone else I can get to write something for free. Most of all what I would like is to here from people in the form of questions and comments. I want to talk about things that people are not doing correctly. Like did you know that you have to get a permit to change your air conditioning and duct work. Do you know the difference between different filters. Whats the scoop on these air purifiers. If you are a professional with knowledge to share, we want to hear from you.

Together we can make this blog more than just a place for me to write. I want it to be a place where ideas are shared. We can change lives. We can make things better for people. It’s amazing how these posts get around the blogesphere. Your ideas can be read by thousands of people. So it’s time to participate.

The Inspector’s Corner is open and the Inspector is in.