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Mortgage Broker’s Corner: Jim Marcinkowski

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Hi Jacob,


The housing market continues to show signs of stabilization, and although home prices are not about to spike higher, the decline certainly seems to have subsided. Existing Home Sales came in better than expectations, reaching their highest level in two years, as you can see in the chart below. And while the inventory of unsold homes remains lofty, it was reported at its best level in a year. In addition, while Housing Starts and Building Permits both came in slightly below expectations, they did rise in July – another sign of stabilization in the housing market. New Home Sales data will come out this Wednesday, so indeed we will soon find out if home buyers are coming out to buy those new built homes. With home loan rates still at exceptionally low levels – it presents a great opportunity to buy. Do let me know if you or one of your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers would benefit from learning more about buying a home in today’s market.




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The Waterman’s Corner: Marty Bjornson

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Kangen* water is the delicious, yet healthy water created from Enagic’s progressive water technology. Not only do these amazing devices filter harmful chemicals out of tap water, but through the process of ionization produces Kangen Water for Drinking & Cooking and acidic type waters for cleaning and beauty purposes as well as sterilization. 
This water is changing the face of health all over the world and the best part about it is the fact that this is not an experiment…this water dates back to the mid 60’s where it was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare [our FDA equivalent] for its ”medicinal” properties.
*Kangen means return to origin. Please enjoy this weeks Kangen Newsletter. 

Kangen TM Water - Change your water, change your life!

All-natural Kangen water is more than just drinking water!

Enagic, the 32-year-old Japanese company behind the Kangen Water System, has created an incredible water filtration device that produces water that can be used in multiple ways. That’s because the Kangen Water system allows you to control the pH level of the water it creates. Just read on to learn more about what all you can do with this flexible water system.

Strong Kangen water:
This type of water has a pH of 11.0 plus.  It’s ideally used for cleaning food, dishes, cutting boards, and even getting out tough stains and grime in and around your kitchen.
Kangen water:
With a pH of 8.0-10.0, this type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking.  It works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which optimizes health.  In return, it boosts your immune system and other bodily functions making you less susceptible to illness.
Clean water:
Strictly for drinking, this water has a pH of 7.0.  It’s formulated so that it is absorbed into the body quickly.  Therefore, it’s the best type of water to use if you have to take any medications.  It’s also the best water to use for baby formula.   
Acidic water:
This slightly acidic water has a pH of 6.0-4.0.  It’s terrific to use for gentle cleaning and beauty care.  Use this water to cleanse your face and hair.  You can also use it in the rinse cycle of your laundry.  In addition, it’s great for washing glass surfaces and removing dirt from hardwood floors because it never leaves any kind of sticky residue, which is often the case when using commercial chemical cleaners.
Strong Acidic water:
This water has a pH of 2.7 or lower and makes for an incredible disinfectant.  In fact, in 2002, in accordance with the Food Hygiene Law, it was even approved for the use of disinfecting food products.  Use Strong acidic water to sanitize kitchen utensils, countertops, etc. to keep areas safe and free of germs.


Imagine never having to buy bottled water or household cleaners again!

As you’ve seen Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water Systems provide you a holistic alternative for so many day-to-day household needs.  Using Kangen water will not only improve you and your family’s health, it will also end up saving you money over time, and it’s eco-friendly.

Change your water, change your life!  Visit our website to learn more about the amazing Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water Systems.  Just imagine what it could do for you!

All the best,

Martin Bjornson
Preventive Health Promoter
Cape Coral, Fl.
(239) 945-7072