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Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Customer That A Boy:

“My wife Nancy and I are very pleased with the Home Watch service we are receiving from Mermin Inspections. We used Mermin as our house inspectors when purchasing our home in Feb 2011 and we were thrilled when we found out they were going into the home watch business. Who better to look after your home than someone as qualified as they are and if and when something goes wrong, either they can fix it or they can get it fixed. We live in Nova Scotia, Canada six months of the year so it is great to have someone reliable looking after our home. They have earned our trust.”

Dave and Nancy Chisholm
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Home watch tip:

For all those folks that do not have a very expensive new air conditioning system that has dual speed compressors and fan motors. A Humidistat may just be the answer. These new air conditioning systems have dual speed blower motors and dual speed compressors. These fancy systems will work full speed to get the temperature down to a comfortable level but then go to a lower speed to control the humidity. They also come with a very expensive digital thermostat that controls these systems. The system is very impressive and does a great job controlling the humidity in the home while your home or away but can cost many thousands of dollars. These systems usually require duct work revisions that can add more money to the bill. The digital thermostat can run as much as $700.00. For all of those homeowners that can’t afford those high prices but still live part time up north and part time in SW Florida the Honeywell Humidistat may still be the answer.

The thermostat brings the air conditioning on according to the temperature in the home. A Honeywell Humidistat brings the air conditioning system on according to the humidity in the home. The humidistat is used by homeowners who may only live here for six months out of the year the other half living up north. Many homeowners set there thermostat at 80 degrees and have a $100.00 dollar per month electric bill and sometimes more. When using a Honeywell Humidistat you set the thermostat at 85 degrees and the Honeywell Humidistat at 60 %. The thermostat becomes a backup to the Honeywell Humidistat. By running the air conditioning system this way the electric bill could be as low as $30.00 a month or less. It doesn’t matter how hot it gets in the home, if you have tall candles they may bend over a bit but the heat will not hurt any of your possessions. Humidity is the problem. The air conditioner is a de-humidifier with the cold air produced as a by-product. It is very important to have a qualified person install the Honeywell humidistat because if done incorrectly it could cause the air conditioning system to not come on properly when the humidity is high. Remember, mold needs two things to grow; moisture and a food source. Humidity as much as 65 or 70% can be enough moisture for mold to grow. Those people who are promoting these expensive systems with there high tech digital Thermidistats that control them do not like these Honeywell Humidistats. I have been using them for more than 20 years and I do not remember having any problems with them. As a final note: when the time comes to replace your existing air conditioning system I advise all of my clients to check into these new high efficiency systems that really control the humidity in your home. You won’t believe how comfortable you can really be in your home. But until then I highly recommend using a Honeywell Humidistat to control the humidity in your home while you are away for extended periods of time.

Jacob Mermin FLHI/FLMA/IE