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Thursday, December 29th, 2011


Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge Listing and Networking Group has been looking for a local Home Security Company to join the Concierge listing and we are now happy to announce that we have found such a company. We would like to welcome Devcon Security as a new member.

Devcon is a National company with a local office in SW Florida. The office is located at 17162 Alico Center Road #4 Ft. Myers, Fl. 33967. The local General Manager Ryan Hercek explained that Devcon Security has been serving SW. Florida for over 15 years and they are a Florida based company operating out of Hollywood, Fl.

Devcon Security prides itself on customer service. They are the only company in the industry that can confidently say we self-perform the entire security process. What this means to the customer is that their business is never sub-contracted out to the lowest bidder. Devcon Security sell, install, service, and most importantly MONITOR all of their customers. Their employees are all background checked, finger printed, and drug screened. Their monitoring centers and monitoring specialists are all UL and 5 Diamond Certified, which again, to the customer means that the same monitoring specialists that are monitoring banks, and jewelry stores are also monitoring your home.
Devcon Security continues to grow throughout the country and are now the sixth largest security monitoring company in the United States. Devcon Security has 57 locations nationwide and serves over 300,000 customers.

Ryan Hercek asked me to let everyone know that they are offering a great introductory offer to all in Southwest Florida. He explained that a standard package security system ranges in cost from $99.00 to $399.00 depending on what you want. He is offering a $100.00 discount off any of the packages for all customers that come through the Concierge Listing and or Networking group.

Ryan told me that one of the reasons he decided to join the Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge Listing was because it was also a Networking Group. He liked that fact that there were no weekly breakfast meetings and that everyone would be helping all members in the group gain local market share. We both agree that because of the current economy it is very important for all local companies to not just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. We must be pro-active and go out and get the business. We must find all those local companies who have the same beliefs and invite them to join the group. I want the Jacob Mermin Inspections Concierge listing to have as many trade categories open as we can. With a large diversified Networking Group we can help all members achieve that large market share.

Again I would like to say how proud we are at Jacob Mermin Inspections that Devcon Security is now apart of our group. Lets all help provide them with new potential customers. I have all members on a hand out that I plan on giving to all my clients and any that will listen. I will have this hand out available for all our members to give to their customers as well.

Good Luck,
Jacob Mermin


Wednesday, December 21st, 2011



JMI’S CONCIERGE LISTING is very excited to announce that DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Naples is now a member of the Concierge Listing.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Naples is located in the Wiggins Pass Crossings Center at 13500 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 10 Naples, Fl. 34110.

“Today’s kitchen has a live-in plan,”says Meriam Reed, “where families gather and activity centers provide work spaces for various projects.”

When my wife and I walked into the show room I knew I was in trouble. My wife liked everything, especially the white cabinets with the dark granite counter tops. This is one beautiful showroom with so much to choose from. DreamMaker has an Interior Designer and a Design Consultant to help their clients determine what will work best with their budget and lifestyle – from traditional or contemporary design – to value oriented or top- of the line luxury.

When clients meet the folks at DreamMaker they see that they have professional designers and a full – service contracting team under one roof, and it makes a big difference for their peace of mind.

Jacob Mermin Inspections ( will be recommending DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Naples to everyone we can. I like the fact that just like JMI they are a one stop shop. There clients will realize no matter their budget they will receive top notch service. Jacob Mermin Inspections is very proud to be associated with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Naples. When a client or someone I meet tells me that they need a new bath or kitchen I can’t wait to say,”boy do I have a company for you”. Remember DreamMaker is a full service contractor who can do any job big or small. DreamMaker serves Collier and South Lee county.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Naples
13500 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 10 Naples, Fl. 34110
239-593-6609 fax
License number CBC056039
Client testimonials upon request


Sunday, December 11th, 2011

At this time I would like to announce how proud and excited I am to announce that MaidPro is now apart of Jacob Mermin Inspection’s Concierge Listing. You can see the concierge listing at www.jminspector/concierge

Recently I saw Michelle Spitzer on a commercial for Hodges University and I was very impressed with her. I did research on MaidPro and decided that Michelle and MaidPro had to be apart of the Concierge Listing. I found that MaidPro and Jacob Mermin Inspections were started about the same way. We both built our companies from nothing into very successful entities that we are proud of. Michelle Spitzer and her story were featured in Distinctive Women of Naples which is a list of the most successful business women in Naples. I read one of her quotes and found that it mirrored exactly how I feel about my clients. She wrote “I love working directly with each of my clients and know that we are improving the quality of their lives.” As a Florida Licensed Home Inspector and Florida Licensed Mold Inspector these words are how I run my company and treat my clients. The mold inspector motto is “Do no harm” to me this means leave the client in a better situation than you found them, and improve the environment they live in. In my opinion both our companies do this every day.

Michelle started a business while attending Hodges University called Michelle’s Classy Cleaning, to help with her schooling. Within four years of its creation Michelle turned this small start up company into a national franchise for MaidPro. I was not surprised to read that Michelle turned her MaidPro franchise into the number one operation and a multi-million dollar business. She has more than 70 people who serve clients in Lee and Collier counties. Those folks just north of us will be happy to hear that Michelle is planning expansion into Charlotte and Sarasota.

Jacob Mermin Inspections and MaidPro are a perfect fit. I am very happy to hear that Michelle Spitzer is a very environmentally conscious business owner using green products and practices every day with all her residential and commercial clients. As a Trained Indoor Environmentalist is very exciting to be affiliated with a company that is so concerned with our environment,both outside and inside of the home.

When a new business partner joins the JMI Concierge Listing we encourage them to run an introductory special. MaidPro is offering $25.00 off for a one time cleaning and when scheduling weekly or by-weekly services the 5th cleaning will be free (up to $100.00). I believe you will find that the service and cleaning is great and the introductory offers are just an added bonus.

MaidPro is owned and operated by Michelle Spitzer.
2085 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, Fl. 34109


Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Can I Use Home Mold Test Kits Instead of A Mold Inspection?

We advise AVOIDING mold test kits. Unfortunately, home mold test kits are a waste of money. Here are several reasons to consider…

5 Reasons Mold Test Kits Waste Your Money

The most important part of a mold inspection is the inspection, not the mold samples.
Mold samples can be misleading, are sometimes incorrect with both false positive and false negative results occurring, and can only be accurately interpreted in conjunction with a well thought out sampling plan and visual inspection. The visual inspection requires an understanding of building construction, water sources, and other factors that may not be apparent to many people, such as condensation occurring in a poorly ventilated attic, poor drainage on the exterior of a building, or cracks in the foundation.

Consumer Reports rates home mold test kits “Not Recommended”.
In 2006, Consumer Reports evaluated four different types of home mold testing kits and rated all of them “Not Recommended,” including typical comments like this one for the Pro-Lab MO109 mold test kit:

“In some samples, the vials with media leaked over entire kit. In one, an unopened kit was moldy. No expiration dates on the kit; old media could affect the accuracy and reliability of the results. Label claims that kit can identify toxic mold, but the report the lab sends can’t tell you this. One unused plate came back positive for mold growth, indicating contamination at some point; not very reassuring for post remediation use.”

Mold test kits do not provide meaningful answers.
The primary issue with these kits is they essentially only test for the presence of mold in the home. The mold testing kits that we are aware of are simply “gravity” or “settling” plates which consists of putting an open Petri dish in the home for some period of time. This is about as useful as setting out a plate of fruit and finding out whether mold will grow on them. Given enough time, of course it will! If you leave moist food on the kitchen counter for a few weeks, no one is surprised when mold forms on that food, and finding mold on that food does not mean that the home has a mold problem.

It’s important to understand that mold is ubiquitous – it’s everywhere. ALL homes have mold in them. Mold is present in homes, buildings, and the outside air. Mold spores are in the air, on surfaces, on the furniture… all over the place. If you open a Petri dish and take a sample, it is likely that you will get mold growing on the Petri dish. That’s not helpful information!

Mold test kits cause fear to make money for mold test kit manufacturers.
The question with mold inspections is not: “Are there mold spores in the air?” Unless it is something like a hospital operating theater, we already know the answer. It’s “Yes.” Setting out a petri dish almost never provides useful information. It merely confirms what we already know – that there are mold spores in the air – and only serve to line the pockets of the companies that produce them and to cause fear in the people who use them, which causes further sampling or work for the companies that produce home mold testing kits.

The mold industry advises against home mold test kits.
All credible organizations in the indoor air quality community advocate against using these types of samples. In fact, a well-recognized book in the mold industry “Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control” by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) advises against using the types of samples included in these home mold testing kits.

The Bottom Line: These mold test kits generate money for the companies selling them and generally, just cause fear in the person taking the sample with no real added value. Further, the most important part of a mold inspection is not the mold sample, but rather the inspection of the building for sources of moisture and evidence of mold. Often, mold testing is not even necessary.

This posting courtesy of EM Laboratory.