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Chinese Drywall Inspection


Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


You can see how the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall can affect chrome plumbing fixtures. Here you can see the black corrosion and pitting of chrome faucets. Also here are examples of how copper plumbing tubing turns black when exposed to the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall.


Part of the purpose of this inspection is to remove examples of the damage to items in the home from the Chinese drywall. These pictures show where the blackened copper tubing was removed. These sections of tubing are in storage for future use.



I have several electrical outlets with the black wire still attached in storage for any future testing or litigation.
Note: More pictures of affected wiring are available upon request.


I found numerous examples how the copper wiring in this home has turned black because of the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall. A combination of noticeable copper wire and the contrast of copper wire that has turned black.


Here are pictures of the air handler that is located in an attic area accessed from the second floor. The copper tubing of the evaporator coil have turned from the normal shinny copper color to a flat black color. You can also see a picture of the solid bare copper ground wire running to the air handler’s ground lug. It is obvious that this normally shinny copper wire has turned black. These changes were caused by the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall.


The majority of the framing on this home was done with metal studs. Each screw that was used to hang the sheet rock was put up with screws into the metal studs. All of these screws were removed and thrown away. None of these screws are to be re-used when the new sheet rock is hung through out the home.



Not only did we have to deal with the Chinese Drywall project in this home but when removing the drywall we found that we also had a moisture problem which led to a mold issue. The issue was very manageable as we just removed the rotted wood with its mold and rebuilt the structure good as new.



In the beginning the garage was used to store kitchen cabinets and personal items. Now the garage is also being used to store building materials that will be used to restore this home to its original beauty so long ago.


The garage is also storing a box of door knobs. The door knobs and door hinges have turned black because of the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall.
Hinges on cabinet doors are also affected by the chemicals that are associated with Chinese drywall.


Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

INITIAL VISIT January 6th & 7th 2011
In this section of the report I am showing what I saw when introduced to this project. It is the before part of the before and after approach to documenting any type of remediation or remodeling project. It is my initial walk through of the property. The after part of the before and after will come at the end and is also known as the reveal. This will show the completion of the project as basically a brand new home.


It all has to come down to the bare studs. Once all the drywall has been removed every thing can be treated with a remediation chemical.

Here you can see the distinctive blue label of Chinese Drywall.

All bathrooms will need to be brought down to the studs. Here you can see metal studs and PVC inside the walls.

Each Chinese drywall remediation project starts with identifying as much of the Chinese drywall as possible in all areas of the home. When the project is a house of this size this can be a large task. I was able to visit the project house in the beginning of the demolition. Here we will show how sections of drywall were removed, identified as Chinese drywall. This identification was made by the end label, stenciled printing of the manufacturer or the country of origin. In each room the number of sheets found to be of the type known as Chinese drywall is labeled.
Here we have a ProWall end label on a sheet of drywall from the Avner home. ProWall is a brand of drywall that has documented laboratory proof that it contains the chemical associated with Chinese drywall. Then we also have sheets of drywall that have MADE IN CHINA stenciled on the back of the sheet.


 More pictures are available upon request.

All drywall was inspected and all those sheets that had this label were removed and labeled with what room they were found in. I will show a sample of how this was done through out the home. There were hundreds of sheets of drywall in this home and most of the sheets were found to be of the Chinese drywall type. It would not be realistic to show every sheet of documented drywall. My main objective is to show those concerned how the sheets of drywall that were determined to be of the Chinese type were documented. Also a few samples of the
infected Chinese drywall were removed by me and are being stored at a separate location for future testing and evidence for future litigation.

Here are examples of how these sheets of Chinese drywall were labeled for documentation.


  As you can see from these pictures each area of the home where infected drywall was found has been meticulously documented where that particular sheet was found. The number that you see is the number of sheets in that area that were found to be of the Chinese drywall type. As I mentioned earlier there were hundreds of sheets of drywall that were determined to be Chinese drywall sheets. It would not be practical to show all the pictures of these sheets of drywall. All the pictures that I took during this project will be placed on a flash drive and will be made available to Mr. Jones.


 It will of course be up to the homeowner Mr. Jones who will have access to these pictures. It was my job to take these pictures and to safely store them for this report and any future need. Note: more pictures are available upon request.


We found many sheets of drywall in every room with the MADE IN CHINA lettering as well as the blue and yellow label of PRO WALL. I have tested this drywall through Assured Bio Labs of Oak Ridge, Tn. many times and it has always come back positive for the chemicals associated with Chinese Drywall.