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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Jacob Mermin Inspections is now doing full service Home Watch Services.
Who better to watch your home than a State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector. # HI975, a State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor # MRSA and a Trained Indoor Environmentalist. Jacob Mermin is also an EPA Certified HVAC Technician with more than 20 years in the field servicing air conditioning systems. JMI is also affiliated with a Local State Licensed Air Contractor.

Please call today for information on services and pricing. 239-243-7322

Standard services available:

We can also custom fit different schedules also…You just have to ask.

Air conditioning checked: Freon level, drain line, temperature heating and cooling, mold and IAQ issues proper thermostat and humidistat operation. Any issues found that are fixable by me at the time of my inspection will be noted, reported, and repaired with the homeowner’s permission.

Appliances checked: All appliances will be run and tested for proper operation and condition. Any issues found that are fixable by me at the time of my inspection will be noted, reported, and done with the homeowner’s permission.

Faucets and Plumbing: All plumbing will be inspected including pipes in attic where easily accessible. All faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, exterior bibs and attached hoses etc. will be run and safety checked to help lessen and or eliminate any possible problems now or in the future. Any issues found by me at the time of my inspection will be noted, reported, and done with the homeowner’s permission.

Doors and windows: All doors, windows, sliders, screens, etc. will be inspected and tested for proper operation and security. Any issues that are fixable by me at the time of my inspection will be noted, reported, and done with the homeowner’s permission.

Check home for mold and IAQ: Each visit the overall indoor air quality of the home will be visually inspected. A visual mold inspection will be done each visit looking at normal areas such as under sinks, air conditioning, duct work, supply grills, and duct work. All walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, counter tops etc. will be inspected visually for any type of mold blotches. Any suggestions to prevent these types of issues will be noted according to the condition at the time of my inspection. Jacob Mermin is a State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor and is fully qualified to do all types of testing to include: air testing, swabs, tape lifts, bulk testing and the EPA’s ERMI/DNA mold testing. Most testing results are available with in 24 hours. JMI is also available to do a Visual Chinese Drywall Inspection, with lab testing also available. Because of strict guidelines because of State of Florida Laws there are certain protocols I have to adhere to which will be completely explained to the homeowner as needed. All testing is of course extra.

Check electrical: All breakers in the main electrical panel including the main breaker will be tested each visit.
Each electrical outlet and circuit will be tested by a circuit tester to insure proper function and safety. Minor electrical issues will be noted, reported and possibly fixed by me with the homeowner’s permission. I would normally consult our licensed electrician for guidance when deficiency is discovered. We can arrange for our licensed electrician to work on your electrical issue or we can meet your electrician at your home to be your eyes and ears. Note: anytime you shut down breakers in the main panel clocks and timers can be disrupted. JMI will reset these items as needed at the time of our visit.

Check and test smoke alarms: All smoke alarms will be tested each visit. If a battery needs to be replaced it will be replaced and the exact cost of the battery will be billed to the homeowner. We do not sell batteries so we just expect to receive our money back for the battery to keep your smoke alarms working 24 hours a day.

Security system: We require a briefing from the homeowner on there security system. We expect our clients to let their security system monitoring company know that JMI is their home watch company. However the homeowner wants to handle the security system such as codes etc. is fine with JMI as long as it works and does not cost JMI any heart ache with the security company or the local development security force. We also do not want issues with the local police and or sheriffs departments.
Mail, flyers and newspapers: JMI will remove all unwanted newspapers and flyers by throwing them away or recycling. We will collect mail and forward mail to the homeowner if the homeowner wishes. Most part time homeowners will put in a temporary forwarding address when they will be away. We can be very flexible.

Pests, rodents, & insects: All visits will include a visual inspection of any issues pertaining to pests, rodents, and insects. This will include all areas inside the home and outside. We are affiliated with a very good pest inspection company that does all of our Certified Termite Inspections during our home inspections when asked for by our clients. Anytime we see any issues concerning pests, rodents, and insects we automatically consult with this company and get their advice prior to calling the homeowner. We will advise you if we feel you should contract with a pest control company. The company we use is very reasonable and reliable and is of course available to you as our client. We would be very happy to coordinate with the company you are familiar with or have had experience with at anytime. Remember our loyalty is to you not any of our licensed contractors or venders.

Exterior, landscaping and lighting: We will visually inspect all aspects of the exterior of your home and landscaping. This of course includes the structure, roofing, soffit and fascia, side walks, garage door and driveway etc. If there are issues we will keep you informed so that you can alert you’re landscaping and lawn Care Company as needed. We of course have a lawn care professional available but would also love to help you with the company you are currently using in any way we can. We check to see that all lamps are coming on when the switch is turned on during our visit.

Pool and equipment: Each visit we will check the condition of the pool and make sure that the pool equipment will come on in manual or note while it is running during our inspection visit. If there are issues with the pool we will inform you directly or if you wish contact your pool maintenance company of the issue. We can also help you with a pool company if you do not have one now or usually do it for your self but are now away.


After each visit the home owner will receive a written checklist report showing everything that was inspected and a description as needed. Be advised that most of the entries will be simply checked OK. If there are issues or a description is needed it will be there on the report. If there are issues that need to be reported to the homeowner immediately so that decisions can be made the homeowner will be called right then and there. The results of each inspection will be e-mailed to the homeowner in a timely manner. We can contact your vendor or contractor if you wish for JMI to be at the home to let them in or monitor there work. There is a small charge to let vendors or contractors into you property. Lee County is a $25.00 charge and in Collier County or Charlotte County the charge is $35.00 per entry. With the price of gas and the time involved we just cannot include it in the monthly inspection fee.


Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


You can see how the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall can affect chrome plumbing fixtures. Here you can see the black corrosion and pitting of chrome faucets. Also here are examples of how copper plumbing tubing turns black when exposed to the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall.


Part of the purpose of this inspection is to remove examples of the damage to items in the home from the Chinese drywall. These pictures show where the blackened copper tubing was removed. These sections of tubing are in storage for future use.



I have several electrical outlets with the black wire still attached in storage for any future testing or litigation.
Note: More pictures of affected wiring are available upon request.


I found numerous examples how the copper wiring in this home has turned black because of the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall. A combination of noticeable copper wire and the contrast of copper wire that has turned black.


Here are pictures of the air handler that is located in an attic area accessed from the second floor. The copper tubing of the evaporator coil have turned from the normal shinny copper color to a flat black color. You can also see a picture of the solid bare copper ground wire running to the air handler’s ground lug. It is obvious that this normally shinny copper wire has turned black. These changes were caused by the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall.


The majority of the framing on this home was done with metal studs. Each screw that was used to hang the sheet rock was put up with screws into the metal studs. All of these screws were removed and thrown away. None of these screws are to be re-used when the new sheet rock is hung through out the home.



Not only did we have to deal with the Chinese Drywall project in this home but when removing the drywall we found that we also had a moisture problem which led to a mold issue. The issue was very manageable as we just removed the rotted wood with its mold and rebuilt the structure good as new.



In the beginning the garage was used to store kitchen cabinets and personal items. Now the garage is also being used to store building materials that will be used to restore this home to its original beauty so long ago.


The garage is also storing a box of door knobs. The door knobs and door hinges have turned black because of the chemicals associated with Chinese drywall.
Hinges on cabinet doors are also affected by the chemicals that are associated with Chinese drywall.