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Cost Vs. Value- What can you get with a new garage door?

Are you trying or thinking of selling your home? If so you might be in the stage of making a few improvements, I’m sure you know that a new garage door can help increase a homes’ protection, but it can also increase the value of a home. In addition to that, a 2010 report from Remodelers Magazine estimated that a homeowner would get back 92% of the garage door cost at time of sale, the second highest return on projects under $5,000. This percent is based off of midrange projects (ave. cost of $1,178) in the South Atlantic region. More upscale projects (ave. cost of $3,445) can expect a 75% return on investment. If you door is 10-12 years old, or older, it’s a great idea to replace it before putting your home on the market. Building codes do change every few years so having the most up to date equipment on your home will be more enticing to potential buyers. Nearly all of our doors are impact rated too so that’s one step closer to an insurance deduction for you or the new owners of your home.

There are so many styles of doors out there right now that a higher end replacement could really make your home stand out and get noticed. On the flip side a stylized door may not appeal to everyone and may narrow down your prospective offers. We suggest having a chat with your real estate agent to help decide what the best look would be to draw in the offers you want.

Other Options
We have other options to spruce up your garage for the real estate market even if you decide you don’t need to buy a whole new door. Options like increasing your garages access, storage space, or aesthetic appeal are all available. All options mentioned below are on view in our showrooms so you can see them in person before you buy!
Often times just adding a new opener can help increase the potential offers on your home. This can be an easy fix at $299.99 or you can leave your home with all the bells and whistles with a whisper quiet belt drive opener. The latest model of LiftMaster openers (model 8550) can even connect to the internet so you can control and monitor your garage or even house lights through a Smart Phone app or Internet connection.
Although it’s nearly the price of a new garage door a Breezy Living Screen System can give a new way to access your garage and make it into an extension of your home’s living space. Check out the video on our website for a visual demonstration.

Think about having one of our qualified technicians install an EZ-Rack Hanging Storage Shelf to help add space to your garage. These units start at $246 installed and come in your choice of three sizes. Add on hooks and ladder racks build the storage potential of your garage or install It yourself to save some money.

Cleaning the outside of your door is an easy and affordable fix. You can also paint the doors exterior if you desire. Or you can totally change its look with some window overlays. Made to look like actual windows the overlays screw into your existing top panel for a beautiful illusion. Pick them up and do it yourself for $275/two overlays, or have us come out and install them for you.
There are so many things to think about when you’re selling your home but the first thing buyers see is the exterior and most likely your garage door. With all the ways you can update and invigorate your garage space we’re sure to have something that can help you.
Take Care,
Lisa Ebel
Marketing Manager
Action Automatic Door & Gate

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