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Saturday, January 21st, 2012


Jacob Mermin Inspections would like to announce that Jacob Mermin President of Jacob Mermin Inspections Inc. has completed the Advanced Wind Mitigation Inspection Training Course. This training course was set up by Inspection Depot, Inc. following the Citizens Insurance guide lines. The course is recognized as the Department of Business and Professional Regulation,(DBPR) Home Inspector Licensing Board Course No. 0000018. Jacob Mermin successfully completed the eight (8) hour Continuing Education training course and passed the proctored exam. This training is now required by the state of Florida for all Florida Licensed Home Inspectors to perform recognized Wind Mitigation Inspections. With the completion of training and passing of the proctored exam, Jacob Mermin will be complying with Citizens guide lines for Wind Mitigation Inspections. This would include the correct use of Form Number OIR-BI 1802 Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.

Jacob Mermin Inspections Inc. will be performing wind mitigation and four point inspections based on the training and the proctored exam required by Citizens Insurance. We will be performing wind mitigation inspections and four point wind mitigation inspections in Cape Coral, Ft.Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Labelle, Alva, and many other areas in SW. Florida. We do have pricing on the website at We have package discounts so if you need a home inspection and a wind mitigation inspection we will be glad to earn your business with discounts. We will also have discounts with a four point and wind mitigation inspection that your insurance company is telling you that is needed to write your home owner’s policy. We have the new form 1802 that we can fill out and send to your insurance company with the attribute pictures they require for you to receive your insurance discounts. So if you live in Lee County, Collier County, Charlotte County or Hendry County make sure to call Jacob Mermin Inspections 239-243-7322 for all your inspection needs. We are one of the few inspection companies that is a Florida Licensed Home Inspector #HI975, Florida Licensed Mold Assessor # MRSA684 with a EPA certification in air conditioning meaning the Freon Card. We are a true one stop shop for all types of inspections and consulting, and we now have completed the Citizens Insurance and Proctored Exam for Advanced Wind Mitigation Training.
Thank You,
Jacob Mermin FLHI/FLMA/IE/

From the Inspector:Chinese drywall update

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Here we go again. Unfortunately I have found another development in South West Florida that I found visual evidence of the effects of Chinese drywall. A colleague of mine requested that I visually inspect a Lennox air handler manufactured in 2006. Since I am a EPA Certified Type ll air conditioning technician as well as a certified home and mold inspector he asked me to open up the air handler to see if we had any visual evidence of  the effects of Chinese Drywall. Well it is official. The condo in the picture is located in the Moody River development in North Ft. Myers, Fl. As you can see in these pictures the copper of the evaporator coil has gone from shinny copper to flat black in color. There were other items that I saw myself in this condo that I did not get pictures of since I was only responsible for the air conditioner. I have had a dilemma  about if I should report the names of the developments that have this visual evidence of the effects of Chinese drywall. I decided that as a InterNachi certified home inspector it is my responsibility to report what and where I see it. I do not feel I should give the exact address or the homeowners name. I feel if they want to let the world know what they are experiencing that is up to them. moody-river-chinese-drywall-006




As you can see in this picture we have the air conditioners copper line sets. These copper lines connect the inside air handler with the outside condenser. It is very obvious that the effects of Chinese drywall are at work in this home. There is black rubber armor flex insulation covering the larger line. This is the way it should be as it is insulating the copper pipe because it carriers the cold freon. The smaller pipe carriers the hot Freon after it has absorbed the heat from your house. The smaller copper tubing is under high pressure and the corrosion caused by the effects of the Chinese drywall could cause the copper line set to leak and lose Freon.


This is the air handler in question. It is located in a condo in Moody River in North Ft. Myers, Fl. You can see where I tore the black armor flex insulation to take the picture of the copper line sets that were effected by the Chinese drywall in this condo.

It is my opinon that the manufacturers of these air conditioners are not going to continue to honor warranties on these evaporator coils. This is not a manufacturers defect. This is an outside influence on these units. Those out there that have had there evaporator coils replaced under warranty should feel lucky because I do not believe it will be honored in the near future. This unit is made by Lennox, thanks Dave but the new one will just turn black and eventually fail again. My family doctor in Cape Coral, Fl. has had 9 new coils installed in the last 2 years. The warranty doesn’t cover labor, so the home owner is responsible for the $400 to $800 dollars the average company charges to replace these coils under warranty. Labor is usually only for the first year after install unless a extended labor warranty is purchased. There are companies out there that are misleading customers about warranties. You may have been told that you have a 10 year warranty on the coils and parts. Unless you have paper work from the manufacturer that says you have a ten year warranty you may not. It may be one of those as long as I am in business warranties that is provided by the air conditioning contractor. Basically it may be worthless.

If you are purchasing a home that was manufactured between 2004 and 2007 you should get a Chinese drywall visual inspection. I charge $99.00. If you are buying a home you should get a home inspection. My home inspections includes a InterNachi certified home inspection, MICRO certified mold inspection, AIRE certified air quality inspection, EPA certified type ll air conditioning technician’s inspection, and now it also includes a Chinese Drywall visual inspection. Call and ask for detail on what I look for and inspect for the effects of Chinese drywall. Every time I see with my own eyes the effects of Chinese Drywall I am going to report it to all my potential clients. I am going to take pictures of it and put it in this blog. I will keep doing this until there is no more to report on. I will post another Chinese Drywall Update in the Inspector’s Corner as soon as I can take the pictures.

The Inspector

Jacob Mermin CHI/CMI



Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The inspector’s corner is now alive and well and living in Cape Coral Florida. I have been told that Cape Coral Florida is the Foreclosure capitol of the world. One of my main issues, what I tell everyone I meet is “Do not buy or sell a home without a Home and Mold Inspection.” Sometimes people get it and sometimes they don’t. One foreclosure buyer asked me, “If it is being sold as is, why do I need to have a home inspection?” Here is the most simple answer I can give you. Because, a certified home and mold inspector can tell you if the foreclosure is a money pit. There are so many foreclosures in this foreclosure capital of America, just go find another one. Why would you want to be caught up in  a money pit.

So this is your Welcome Aboard from the Inspector. In the Inspector’s Corner we are going to talk about things just like this. Your inspector in this corner is a certified home inspector, mold inspector, air quality inspector, and air conditioning technician and inspector. Anything and everything about these types of inspections will be discussed. Indoor air quality is my passion. I do all types of mold and air testing for clients all around SW. Florida. In a couple of weeks a colleague and I will be announcing a new affordable Chinese Drywall test  for homeowners. This information will be coming soon. Right now my inspection company Jacob Mermin Inspections is doing visual Chinese Drywall inspections. Just visit my website at and see the inspection available. It could be the best $99.00 you have ever spent. Realtors are recommending that clients have this done before you commit to purchase  a home from 2004 to 2006. Hey kids, there are plenty of homes for sale down here ,why buy one that was built with Chinese Drywall.

I plan on making this blog  a very important source of information.  My web cohorts are planning on having a U Tube screen so we can show you things you should know about. I plan on a regular post about the bad indoor air quality of restaurants called, “Never mind the air you’re breathing, what just fell in your food.” I think you will find the pictures very interesting and enlightening.

I plan on having regular contributions from Realtors, contractors, bug guys, water guys, lawn guys and anyone else I can get to write something for free. Most of all what I would like is to here from people in the form of questions and comments. I want to talk about things that people are not doing correctly. Like did you know that you have to get a permit to change your air conditioning and duct work. Do you know the difference between different filters. Whats the scoop on these air purifiers. If you are a professional with knowledge to share, we want to hear from you.

Together we can make this blog more than just a place for me to write. I want it to be a place where ideas are shared. We can change lives. We can make things better for people. It’s amazing how these posts get around the blogesphere. Your ideas can be read by thousands of people. So it’s time to participate.

The Inspector’s Corner is open and the Inspector is in.