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Saturday, January 28th, 2012


Spring cleaning may still be months away, but it doesn’t hurt to keep your kid’s playroom clean during the winter season when bacteria and germs are more likely to spread.
Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro and busy mom on-the-go, specializes in helping other busy moms like you maintain a clean home in no time at little cost. Below, she shares four strategies for organizing and cleaning a playroom.
Disinfect the Toys – A toy must be completely disinfected for it to be clean. Soak the toys for 5 minutes in a solution of 3/4 cup bleach mixed in a gallon of water. Rinse and let dry. For large toys, use a disinfecting multipurpose spray cleaner and wipe them dry with a clean rag. One of Melissa’s favorite mommy time savers is making a large batch of bleach water in the bathtub to disinfect a large number of toys at once.
Give Each Toy a Home – Keeping things clean with kids is already hard enough in a cluttered, disorganized room. To keep things under control, use tubs, baskets, and shelves to place and store toys in a neat and compartmentalized way.
Keep Toys in Rotation – If you have too many toys to keep in one place, try rotating toys regularly (every few weeks or months). Keep a majority of toys stored away (e.g. basement, garage, storage closet, etc.), but leave out an interesting and varied mix to keep your little one entertained.
Enlist the Help of Professional Cleaners – Cleaning tasks should be divided and shared between both parents. If there isn’t time, make room in your budget for a professional cleaner to take care of deep scrub cleaning once a month. This way, you can spend less time maintaining the house the rest of the time so you can spend more time with the family.
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